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Full Groom

This service is for short haired dogs or for dogs that need minimum grooming. 
Includes bath, sanitary (anal glands expression), TOWEL DRY, ears, and nails. 

Range from $45 and up (depending on the current coat of you dog)

Hand Stripping
This is our most extensive service which includes brush, nail clipping or grinding, ear plucking (if necessary), ear and eye cleaning, bath, sanitary (glands expression), fluff dry, sanitary trim and styling to owner’s request although breed standard grooming can be performed if desired. (additional charge for matted dogs)

Range from $55 and up (depending on the current coat of you dog)
Fantastic for any short coat shedding breeds, our  process usig the appropriate 
D-Shedding grooming tools depending on the  current coat of your dog. Follow by a relaxing bath, with a non-irritating, non-drying, hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner ideal to help remove undercoat and loose hair as well as strengthen the hair. Will reduce shedding by up to 90%. Also includes sanitary (glands expression) nail clipping or grinding, and ear cleaning.

Range from $45 and up (depending on the current coat of you dog)
At Bark-N-bubbles we specialize in Hand-Sripping. This technique is carry out less and less by groomers as a result of time restrictions or lack of knowledge. This benefits most wiry coat breeds to maintain the correct texture and colour, leaving a more natural look then clipping. Hand Stripping a coat vary and depends on the breed of the dog and how quickly their coat grows.

Range from $190 and up (depending on the breed and size of yor dog)

At Bark-N-Bubbles all of our services include fresh towels and are conducted in a clean/sanitized environment for every single client. 
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